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The latest version of AutoProxy is "0.4 beta 2",

Firefox 4 compatible, you can get it @ AMO.

Before leaving a message, please make sure you have read faq.

AutoProxy 0.4b2: rock with Firefox 4 !

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Hi community,

Due to large change we made, it takes long time for a new release. But finally, it comes!

Changelog below (compare to last release):


Multi-proxies support, we now can use different proxy for different rule group;

Quick change proxy of rule group from context menu;

Swedish translation added;

Some improvements of our website

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Hi, for your information, we made some improvements to our website recently.


1. Enabled https for and all it's subdomains.

2. Upgrade Drupal core and all it's modules to latest stable release.

3. Our website will now present Chinese language for Chinese users automatically (


And, some comment related improvements:

4. Since spams are much less now, I enabled anonymouse comment again.

Finally, AutoProxy 0.4 beta1 is coming

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To Chinese users: 请看 中文版,有更多信息。


Hi community,

AutoProxy 0.4 beta1 is now ready for testing!

Since this is the first realse of AutoProxy version 0.4, I pushed it to AMO's beta channel, people need to install it manually:



compatible with Firefox 4 beta 4;

fixed: hit count doesn't work;

new: hit count will stop when in "private browsing", clear Firefox's browsing history will also clear hit count of AutoProxy;

New: German translation;

Sorry that registration is required to comment now

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Hi folks,

As you all know that I want to keep AutoProxy as open as possible, one of the example is people can comment on anonymously.

However, due to toooooooo many spams, thousands per day, I have to close this feature. Ever tried several anti-spam solutions but failed and we don't have enough time to delete spams manually, close the "anonymouse comment" feature seems to be my last choice.

It's been a long time since 0.3b4, so what are we doing right now?

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The latest version 0.3b4 was published on November 8, 2009. It has been six months since then, and there was a time when nearly all development stopped. But now our development is back on track.

The gfwList submit form has been moved

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I've moved our submit form from my own server to here, The old address will now perform a 301 Moved Permanently. If you are using bookmarklet, please update it here.

Now seems everything is on track. But if you find something starts to go wrong, please contact me by e-mail or twitter. Thanks.

Use AutoProxy gfwList in Chrome with Switchy natively

English version is not available due to a bad translation, please see the Chinese version.

New server is up

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Update: Due to an unexpected server failure, we've been down for a few days. Now we are back.

Today we moved the whole from BlueHost to our new server, and added SSL support. Now you can discover some improvements on performances, and less "503 Service Unavaliable"s.

The SSL certificate was issued by StartCom Ltd., for free :-) Its root CA has been included in current distributions of Firefox and Chrome. But if IE complains about security issues, please download the root CA here:

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