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Use AutoProxy gfwList PAC under Chrome + Switchy

As mentioned in last post, though I'm not going to port AutoProxy to Google Chrome, some achievements of AutoProxy such as gfwList can be reused by other projects.

I'd like to introduce how to use AutoProxy gfwList PAC under Chrome + Switchy. This introduction is for Windows XP users, Windows Vista & Windows 7 should be more or less the same. It seems Switchy doesn't work properly for non-Windows systems.

1. I suppose you have installed the latest Chrome beta and Switchy.

2. Go to our AutoProxy 2 PAC project homepage, download the suitable PAC file according to which proxy server you are using.

3. Set your Switchy to "Auto Switch Mode", and close your Chrome.

4. Go to some folder looks like "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\caehdcpeofiiigpdhbabniblemipncjj\\plugins". There should be some files name begin with "npSwitchy".

5. Copy gfwList PAC file to this folder, and rename it to "" (if there is already one, delete it first).

6. Right click the new file, choose "property" and then check the "read only" checkbox, save.

7. Open Chrome and enjoy: Chrome + Switchy + AutoProxy gfwList PAC !
1. gfwList is only for people in mainland China, please don't use it if you are not there.

2. Some websites such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook will still be not available under socks proxy, since the "dns via socks" feature is not available in current version of Chrome (follow this issue). If you are using Tor or ssh, you might also need Privoxy.
In the end, please remember that we have a gfwList report bookmarklet. You are welcome to report any problems with our PAC file, we can do better with your help, thank you!

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